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Orchard Towers is a shopping plaza located on Orchard Rd in the centre of Singapore. During the day it is a normal shopping centre selling electronics, fabrics, clothing and a few massage centres. At night time Orchard Towers is converted into the Four Floors of Whores with over 15 bars full of bar girls looking for good times.

Orchard Towers bar girls

Each level has a few bars which open late afternoon until around 3am. These bars attract lots of prostitutes from all over Asia as well as Russia, Ukraine and South American. In Orchard Towers you will mainly find Thai girls, Vietnamese girls, Laos girls, Filipino girls, Indonesian girls, a few Malaysian girls and well as a number of lady boys.

The prices the girls charge vary on how good looking they are. Prices range from S$200 for a short time or some will spend the whole night with you. Prices can go up to S$300.

On level 1 of Orchard Towers is a couple of adult sex shop Adult Planet selling dildos, vibrators, porn video and magazines and fantasy clothing.

Here's a guide to the bars in Orchard Towers

Hotels close to Orchard Towers

There are a number of good hotels close to Orchard Towers. These include:


Marriott Hotel 5 star hotel

Hilton Hotel 5 star hotel - if you enter the Hilton with a girl the staff will stop and ask the girl to give them their passport to take a copy of for security reasons

Four Seasons Hotel

Orchard Hotel 4 star hotel


Last updated 3rd January 2011

Orchard Towers Singapore

Massage Parlours

On each level of Orchard Towers there are massage parlours. The girls are waiting out the front of the shops trying to drum up business. You will get a great massage in these parlours as well as extra services including happy ending. A 1 hour massage will cost S$65 but the happy ending will cost extra.

Tattoo Parlours

Ink on Skin Tatto Parlour is located on Level 1 of Orchard Towers.

Adult Sex Shops in Orchard Towers


Adult Planet Sex Shop Level 1 Orchard Towers

Adult Planet Sex Shop Orchard Towers


Exotic Novelties Sex Shop Level 1 Orchard Towers

Exotic Novelties Sex Shop Orchard Towers

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Orchard Towers Bar Guide

Lower Ground Orchard Towers

Peyton Place Orchard Towers

Peyton Place located in the lower ground level of Orchard Towers. You'll find mostly Filipino girls hanging out here. With a live band playing each night. There is a sign out the front saying age limit is 23 years old for men and 21 years old for women though they do not check age limits for the men.

Blue Banana Bar Orchard Towers

Blue Banana, located right next door to Peyton Place is one of the largest bars in Orchard Towers. Opens at 6pm until 2 - 3am. Happy hour 6pm - 9pm with $6 Tiger beers - $12 after 9pm. There is a pool table within the bar and Live music, DJ and Pole dancing girls. There is a mixture of girls including Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian girls.

Level 1 Orchard Towers

Queens Country Music Orchard Tower Queens Disco Club at Orchard Towers

Queens County Music Bar (Queens Disco Pub)

Ba-Li-Ba Bar Orchard Towers

Ba Li Ba is located on Level 1 right next the entrance on Orchard Road. With a live band playing every night of the week. Ba Li Ba opens at 6pm and closes at 4am. Ba Li Ba opens at 12 midday with Tiger beers $5 until 6pm, $6 until 10pm and $11.50 after 10pm.  Mostly Filipino girls though do get some Thai and Indonesian girls. Ba Li Ba servers bar snacks including Chicken Wings $9, Fried Calamari $8, Cajun Fries $8, Chicken Nuggest $9 and Spring Rolls $9. They serve bowls of potato chips with your beer. There are toilets but no smoking room. They have live music from 6pm. There are girls there from around 5pm though they mostly keep to themselves until later on in the night. There are 2 large TVs showing sports.

Club Passion Orchard Towers

Club Passion located on level 2 of Orchard Towers has 10 Filipino girls working there. Open from 8pm until 2am weekdays and 3am weekends. It is only a small bar serving Fosters beer on tap. Happy hour $6 beers 8pm - 10pm. They also have VB stubbies for $10.

Naughty Girl located on level 2 Orchard Tower.

Level 2 Orchard Towers

Country Jamboree Bar Orchard Towers

Country Jamboree Bar - open from midday to 3am (4am on weekends). A few years back Country Jamboree mainly had Thai and Malay girls though now there are mostly Vietnamese girls and Thai girl. Country Jamboree Bar is one of the best bars in Orchard Towers especially if you like country and western music. The staff are very friendly and serve drinks to your table. Happy hour goes until 9pm when a glass of beer is $6. After 9pm the beer is $11. There is a toilet inside the bar and a smoking room. There is a pool table in the bar. This is a true Country and Western Bar with the staff wearing cowboys hats and large TV screens playing rodeos from the US. The toilets are signed Cowboys and Cowgirls. When you exit the men's toilets there is a sign on the back of the door labeled Ladie. Country Jamboree Bar has free Wi-Fi internet access. Just ask at the bar to get the password.

Ipanema World Music Bar Orchard Towers

Ipanema World Music Bar is one of the most popular bars/night clubs in Orchard Towers. The most stunning girls hang out here. There is a smoking room inside Ipanema.

FHM Disco Club Orchard Towers Singapore

FHM Disco Club (Fabulous Hot Models)

Level 3 Orchard Towers

Club Romeo Orchard Towers

Club Romeo on level 3 is full of lady boys. Beers cost $12. Lady boy drinks are $22 ($10 goes to the lady boy) The lady boys here tend to come straight up to you as soon as you walk in, often with several surrounding you until you choose one to talk to. There is no toilet inside Club Romeo so you have to go outside the club to the public toilets on the same level. There is a smoking room within Club Romeo.

Down Under Bar Orchard Towers

Down Under Bar opens Tues - Sunday 1pm, Mondays 3pm. Closes at 3am weekdays and 4am weekends. Happy hour goes until 9pm with a mug of Becks beer for $5 or a pint of beer for $8. After 9pm the mugs are $10 and pints $13. They have a pool table within the bar and a smoking room. There are no toilets inside so you have to go to the public toilets on the same level. There are around 10 girls from the Philippines working the bar. They are a bit pushy for lady drinks.

Bongo Bar Orchard Towers

Bongo Bar Open 7pm to 4am. Dress code - no shorts, no singlets. Age limit women 18 years, men 25 years. The beers are $11.50 until 9pm and then $13. Each night Bongo Bar has live music. Pool tables available at a cost per game. Live dancing girls perform on stage regularly. Bongo Bar has free Wi-Fi internet access. Just ask at the bar to get the password.

Rendezvous @ Orchard Towers

Rendezvous @ Orchard is a very small bar on Level 3 of Orchard Towers with a pool table and live music on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night. Happy hour goes until 9pm with San Miguel beer for $6. There are mostly Filipino girls in Rendezvous. There is no toilet or smoking room.

The Football Pub Orchard Towers

The Football Pub is located right next door to Rendezvous @ Orchard. The Football Pub has free Wi-Fi internet access.

Level 4 Orchard Towers

Crazy Horse Orchard Towers

Crazy Horse is located on Level 4 of Orchard Towers. There are mostly lady boys in Crazy horse and occasionally real girls. Beers cost $11 and lady drinks are $22. Happy hour is 12 noon to 6pm when beers are $5. Jugs $18. The lady boys generally charge $200 for a short time (2-3 hours) or up to $400 for an overnight stay. There are no toilets within Crazy Horse, you need to go outside the bar to the public toilets on the same level. There is a smoking room inside Crazy Horse. There is a DJ and a stage for the real girls and lady boys to dance. Often the men in the club get up on the stage as well.

Top 5 Nightclub Orchard Towers

Top 5 is located right next to Crazy Horse. A very popular night club with very loud music.

Club Eureka Mason Orchard Towers

Club Eureka Mansion - is located on Level 4 of Orchard Towers. Club Eureka is full of Filipino girls. The girls usually out number the men and can be a bit intimidating with 6 or more girls surrounding you when you first walk in. As you come up the escalators in Orchard Towers there is a guy handing out discount drink vouchers which gets you a beer for $6 though you can only get 1 per person, you can go back to get another voucher. There are no toilets in Club Eureka so you have to go outside the club to the public toilets on the same level. There is a smoking room inside Club Eureka. Club Eureka Mansion has free Wi-Fi internet access. Just ask at the bar to get the password.


Last updated 3rd September 2012



The Four Floors Forum

What's your favourite bar in The Floor Floors of Whores?

Which has the best looking girls?

Any tips for new players?



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Comment posted 6th April 2013 - from Mr 4 Floors

You forgot Moonshine, which is located in tower 2, and the filling station, which is above blue banana.

And not all dancers are "working" girls...

Comment posted 9th May 2012 - from Hoff

Out of curiosity I went into Club Romeo to check out the ladyboys. Well was very interesting! I got swamped by about 5 ladyboys as soon as I walked in and sat down. Just standing at my table trying to get me to pick one. As I would talk to one, the others would disappear and then others would come up to my table. I stayed for 1 drink as they were a bit aggressive. The most interesting thing about this bar as it was packed full of guys chatting to the ladyboys. It was probably the busiest bar in the Four Floors the night I was there. Were all these guys just curious like me or do they hang out there to pick up ladyboys? Hmmm plenty of pussy in the other bars? I guess I haven't tried a ladyboy before. Am I missing something???

Comment posted 7th May 2012 - from Peter

Down Under is a nice quiet bar. enjoyed it!

Comment posted 5th May 2012 - from Jerry C

My favourite bar is the Eureka. You get swallowed by nice girls all touching evey spot on your body... Good music too

Comment posted 28th March 2012 - from Chiron

Yes a very interesting establishment indeed, I met some lovely young ladies and dated several over a number of evenings before taking my dearest favourite, Billy, home to meet Mother.

Comment Posted 2nd February 2012 - from Pistol Pete

My 2 favourite bars are the Country Jamboree Bar and Ipanema both for different reasons. Country Jamboree is just a cool bar to hang out in and there are always heaps of girls in there to check out. It a good bar to hang and chat to the girl a bit to find out what they are like. If nothing takes my fancy there then it is just a few meters walk across to Ipanema which has the best looking girls. Just a bit loud to chat to the girl but if you are looking for a stunner then this place is a sure thing.





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