Akanoya Robatayaki Japanese Restaurant Singapore

Restaurant Name: Akanoya Robatayaki Japanese

Restaurant Type: Japanese Restaurant

Address: 1 Tanglin Rd Singapore

Opening Hours: Open 7 nights 6.30pm - 1.30am

Phone: +65 6732 1866

Website: no website

Akanoya Robatayaki Japanese Restaurant is a traditional Japanese grill restaurant with all the food available in the restaurant on display with in front of the 3 large tables. The chefs sit behind the food display and grill your food over the hot charcoal grills. The chefs then pass your cooked food over to you on large wooden paddles. The food on on display included a range of meat skewers like yaki tori (chicken skewers, lamb chops, pork belly skewers, wagyu beef skewers. There is also a range of seafood like large prawns, whole fish, scallops and squid. A range of seasonal vegetables include large mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, leek, small pumpkin, eggplant and cabbage.

When you make any order for any of the food or drinks, the waiter then yells out the order at the top of his voice and all the chefs and other waiters yell back 'Hai' after each item.

Restaurant Reviews

Review submitted 20th December 2013 - from Scott

This is a very cool restaurant. Real traditional Japanese food cooked by Japanese chefs. As well as great food, the restaurant is entertaining with all the chefs and waiters calling out in unison. It has a lively atmoshphere and is in a great location just down the end of Orchard Rd, just a short walk from the Hilton Hotel where I was staying in Singapore. Only thing to be aware of is the prices of some of the items. As there is no menu and no prices displayed on the food. Most of the items are reasonably priced like $6 for the chicken yaki tori or $8 for pork belly skewers. I had ordered 1 of the wagyu beef skewers which was delicious so order 2 more later on and still really enjoyed it. When the bill came I discovered that the wagyu beef skewers (3 peices of beef) was $40 each so cost me a total of $120 for 3 beef skewers. Best just to ask the prices as you order not to get the surprise I got. Overall a great restaurant, I'll definitely go back though may cut down on how many beef skewers I order.

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